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I am a business owner and director with over 30 years’ experience in industry.  My family have also been passionate about high level sports, and we have already had one international tennis player in our ranks and my granddaughter Sophia is on track to be a professional tennis player herself in a few years’ time.

Launch You has allowed me to build a business using both these life experiences and I can vouch for the fact that the Modern Wealthy education program presents an amazing opportunity for those of you with the right drive, determination and work ethic which is something that all Elite athletes have in their DNA.

I totally understand that after a lifetime in following your chosen sport at Elite level and being totally focused on the journey, this wonderful experience will come to an end!  Reality then hits and you have to find a new life, possibly start a family if you haven’t already and find a new career either connected to your sport or something completely different!

As an athlete you have been emersed in something you love and largely been your own boss, so it is going to be hard transitioning to a “normal job” and leaving your previous existence behind.  This will be okay for some but that is a hard transition for many, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Launch You is a business education program which will provide you with the skills to build your own business around what you love.  This can be a full-time experience or run alongside a typical time for money job or even your current sports career, if you still have some time to go.  As an Elite athlete you already have proved that you have many of the key skills to be a successful entrepreneur, you therefore, just need to be shown how and with some hard work you can put this into practice.

The wonderful thing is that if you build the business in the right way, you can build a successful business that works on autopilot, can be run from your laptop and from anywhere in the world!

If this sounds appealing, then click the link below and explore the opportunity – I can assure you that it will be worth your while spending a little time to have a look.

P.S. If you were wondering? My able assistant is Darcy – she is as lovely as she is cute!


With my ambassadorship of the incredible Launch You ecosystem, I am here to empower, educate, and support you in achieving your version of success with our proven online business blueprint that, if followed, will make your success in life and business inevitable.


I am a proud ambassador of Launch You, and our vision for you, a powerful creator, is to construct your own reality; a life by your own design where you can reside in a place of flow and purpose, making a living not just by what you do but as a byproduct of the positive impact your work has on the lives of others.


"I like to imagine a time where every person makes a living doing something they truly love".


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